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Robot TiKi

Robot TiKi, the welcoming assistant

Innovation at the service of your company: TiKi, your welcome assistant, accompanies you in your digital transformation.

Event Bots created TiKi, a humanoid robot that revolutionizes your reception processes, both in the company and at the point of sale.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, TiKi makes your reception management easier and more dynamic thanks to a set of functionalities totally adapted to your business sector.

Large traffic within your company, long waiting times, multiple and time-consuming administrative tasks, dehumanized reception: as many problems as TiKi, your reception assistant, is able to help you solve.

Use Case

TiKi ensures you a totally innovative welcome on two levels:

  • A robot in the colours of your brand, for a first differentiating contact
  • A unique welcome for each customer/visitor thanks to the reading of QR codes and NFC badges

The QR code generation is carried out by our team, thanks to a specific platform, in order to bring you a turnkey solution.

The QR code is then sent to the customer/visitor, facilitating its entry into the building.

Welcome Assitant : robot TiKi
Robot TiKi : optimize waiting time

TiKi helps you to reduce and optimize waiting time by taking care of the first administrative steps: visitor registration, identity document scanning, taking photos to create badges, etc.. This allows our guests to concentrate on their core business.

TiKi notifies employees during a customer appointment via the means of communication of your choice, whether sms, email or other platform. And gives them the opportunity to respond. The TiKi tablet can also be used as a means of video communication between callers.

The employee's response is then displayed on the tablet along with other information: photo, time of appointment, estimated waiting time, etc.

TiKi provides you with valuable indicators to assess the quality and overall efficiency of your hosting process. This is achieved in particular by measuring in real time the improvement in waiting time.

TiKi allows visitors to easily find their way around and thus optimize their time on site, by offering them interactive maps and by showing them precisely the location of strategic points.

Robot TiKi, overall efficiency of your hosting process

TiKi : Your Welcome semi-Humanoid Robot

Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki
Logo EventBots - Robot Tiki

on wheel


1,40 m

1,45 m


10 kg

15 kg


works on main supply



Works on battery

Use : 8 to 12H

HIFI Sound

2x7.5 watts RMS


Speaks a twenties of languages

Touch Screen


Touch Zones

Interact with the hands

Facial Animation

LEDs configurable

9 degrees of freedom

Head, Arms, Torso

Facial Detection

Emotion Analysis

4G Network / Wifi
NFC Reader (option)
See mobile version (optional)

TiKi :
the welcome assistant for your company

Solution available
for purchase or lease over 36 months

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