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Robot HOPE

Medical Robot HOPE, the healthcare companion

HOPE's main objective is to reduce stress among young patients during care.

Used by the medical staff as a distraction tool, this robot is the result of a program result by the Professor Schneider's pediatric service and the association Vie et Espoir since 2015, targeting to reduce the anxiety of patients and their parents.

The association Vie et Espoir, chaired by Christine Pérignon, is at the origin of this project, contributing to the well-being and smile of children on a daily basis. LIFE, the little sister of HOPE, will soon join the pediatric day hospitalization service, confirming the success of this approach.

Use Case

HOPE, as a robot companion, aims to reduce stress in young patients, before and during care. A real distraction tool, it encourages children to interact and play with it in order to calm them and divert their attention.
Placed close to the child in the treatment room, her role is to reassure him with a few reassuring sentences or to occupy him by reciting nursery rhymes and songs.

Healthcare compnion, Robot HOPE with a child
Medical Team with Robot HOPE

HOPE accompanies the medical staff on a daily basis and supports them in their tasks. It allows to optimize the quality of time spent with each patient and to make the days at the hospital less stressful.

HOPE recognizes the child, each with its own keychain incorporating NFC technology, providing a personalized experience and treatment follow-up.

HOPE, by the extent of its functionalities, is part of a therapeutic education project (in partnership with the Rouen University Hospital) which is to make children and their families more and more autonomous in the management of their diseases and the follow-up of their treatments.
This, through training and validation of prior learning, thus facilitating the return home.

A child using the healthcare robot HOPE


Christine Perignon

" HOPE, this robot recently welcomed is an undeniable asset for the well-being of children and their families à the day hospital. In perpetual movement in the corridors, he seeks to communicate with the little patients who remain in interaction with her during the performance of medical procedures.
Hope is an excellent tool to demythify the hospital and support the work of Professor Schneider's pediatric oncology staff at Rouen University Hospital."

Christine Pérignon, President of the association Vie et Espoir


" A few weeks ago we welcomed HOPE into our day hospital. HOPE is a humanoid robot that is the culmination of our distraction project. She accompanies the children during the waiting before the care but also during the care. The kids are looking for her, waiting, playing with her. In a short time, she became a support for them. For us too. It helps us and makes care less frightening. Some parents report that the children are anxious to return to see her.
Today we can say that HOPE has become our colleague of distraction."

Laura, Pediatric Hemato-Oncology department, CHU Rouen


" The arrival of HOPE in the service is a real asset both for the care and the waiting of the children. He was welcomed with open arms by all. Its design and flashy colors make it a plus for the care of children and families.
HOPE is an integral part of the team."

Jérémy, Pediatric Hemato-Oncology department, CHU Rouen

HOPE, the healthcare robot who accompanies sick children to Rouen University Hospital

Guillaume DE LA RUE, CEO of Event Bots, presents the first healthcare companion robot : HOPE, on the BFM TV channel.

View the TV Show on BFM Business

Installed since January 30, 2018, with its attractive and colorful design, HOPE is a solution that works.
"The goal of the game is to de-stress the children because the treatments are heavy and to allow the health care team to prepare the care," explains Guillaume DE LA RUE, co-founder of Event Bots.

How was this project born? How does HOPE interact with children? What business model and what prospects for the company? Good Morning Business, Wednesday 11 April 2018, presented by Stéphane Soumier, on BFM Business.

Thanks to the generous donors of the association Vie et Espoir, during events such as the walk of Saint Martin de Boscherville in September 2017 and the participation of CARSAT Normandie for the financing of robots!

Our apologies for not citing them in this presentation. Nothing could have been possible without all this mobilization!

Video report published by the University Hospital of Rouen :

HOPE : Your healthcare companion Robot

CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope
CAO Rendering - Robot Hope

1,40 m


9 kg


Up to 12 hours

Pop Art Design

Directed by an artist

HIFI Sound

2x7.5 watts RMS


Speaks 119 languages

Touch Screen


Touch Zones

Interact with the hands

Facial Animation

LEDs configurable

9 degrees of freedom

Head, Arms, Torso

Facial Detection

Emotion Analysis

4G Network
NFC Reader

Your Healthcare Companion

Solution available
for purchase or lease over 36 months

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