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Designers and manufacturers of humanoid robotic assistants Event Bots was born in 2015, from the idea of Guillaume DE LA RUE and Steve GEANDIER.

Together, they have decided to combine their skills to serve a sector they want to revolutionize.

Following a first fundraising and after winning the jury of the Village By CA, the startup joined the incubator in 2017, in order to benefit from an environment at the cutting edge of technology.

Today, with more than 170 customers in 3 years, Event Bots is becoming a reference in world service robotics with GEN4, its latest version: unparalleled reliability and artificial intelligence for ever more natural interactions with humans.

Press Contact :

Guillaume DE LA RUE

Robot Laia

About LAIA

LAIA, your welcome assistant, reinvents the welcome in your point of sale or company and revolutionizes the visitor experience by offering an unique and innovative interaction.

LAIA also makes it possible to optimise waiting time but also to personalize reception : recognition via QR code or NFC badge, sending sms or emails to notify the arrival of an appointment and displaying the employee's response on the tablet.

During an event, LAIA can orient the visitor by displaying, for example, an interactive map of the place. It can also collect and analyse data such as visitor counts, behaviour or emotions.

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About HOPE

HOPE, is your robot care companion, the culmination of a program conducted within the pediatric service of the CHU de Rouen in collaboration with the association Vie et Espoir.

HOPE, as a robot companion, aims to reduce stress for young patients, before and during care. To best accomplish this mission, HOPE encourages children to interact and play with her to soothe and distract them.

HOPE supports the medical staff on a daily basis while allowing a more serene preparation of care. With HOPE, each child has their own keychain with NFC technology, enabling a personalized experience.

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Robot hope

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Press Contact :

Guillaume DE LA RUE