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Event Bots

Founded in  February 2016
by Guillaume DE LA RUE and Steve GEANDIER
Based at Rouen, France

The History

Guillaume and Steve are friends since 10 years when during a simple dinner comes to them the idea to combine their competences to put them at the service of a sector object of all the fascinations...
At the time, Steve is a  mecathronics technician and Guillaume designer of video games and websites with strong traffic.
Both increasing by a sens of an unbounded envy of creating something innovative in a sector in constant évolution, a project to make a robot humanoïde is born on a evening of 2015.

The Founders

Guillaume <strong>DE LA RUE</strong>

Guillaume DE LA RUE

CEO - R&D Director - Business Developer


The obtaining of a DUT in Telecom and Network Engineering will open Renault Cléon's doors to him, within the IT and Network operations team that he will lead 2 years later as Team Leader. But this great web enthusiast is caught up by the need to work as close as possible to this sector he loves so much. In 2007, he left his job and Normandy to work for himself on the development of sites with high traffic. Then, he joined several startups, such as CTO freelance, to create the technical architecture for facebook applications, marketing tools or social networks. In 2011, he participated in the creation of a company that develops mobile video games based on geolocation. In 2013, he created his first company to develop real-time solutions on the web, until the creation of Event Bots.


COO - R&D Director - Mecatronic


Passionate about mechanics and holder of a BTS in Electronics, Steve went to Guyana as a mechanic on ULM, then on motorcycle. Back in France, he worked as an electronic maintenance technician on engine test benches, then maintenance in industry. Thereupon, he went on various oil seismic missions in Africa and the Middle East for one year, where he was in charge of the electronics laboratory. From 2007, until the creation of Event Bots, he worked as an Electronic R&D engineer in a design office specialized in the manufacture of teaching materials.

Steve <strong>GEANDIER</strong>

Hardware Engineering



Production and Maintenance Technician
Robots Maker


Louviers (27)

Software Engineering



R&D Engineer in Robotics


Application developer in Robotics
UX/Game Development/Human Interactions

Sales and Marketing


Fabien GRIEU

Sales Manager

  The Office

Event Bots

107 Quai Jean de Béthencourt
Rouen, FR


Event Bots

Louviers, FR